Latest Job Opportunities At Al-Fahim, UAE


Al Fahim Group is one of Abu Dhabi’s most successful family businesses. The company was founded by the late Abdul Jalil Al Fahim in 1958, a visionary entrepreneur who led the company until his death in 1996. Today, it is directed by a board composed of eight brothers, intrinsically motivated to preserve and enhance the business seeds sown by the founder for the good of the country, and their compatriots.

As Abu Dhabi moves forward, Al Fahim Group continues to support the country’s progress by servicing the needs of the new economy with excellence and quality – whether providing safe, reliable service and support to fuel the continued growth of Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas fields; distributing top-quality, luxury cars to ensure its residents have the ways and means to travel the roads in comfort; building and managing world-class hotels and residences to accommodate a growing influx of tourists and residents; or investing in a board portfolio of local, regional and global interests to generate funds to support continued growth opportunities.

Our vision is to remain a main practical gathering of organizations giving success to future ages over various industries.Use our spearheading soul and capable specialists to continually convey maintainable development through unrivaled client administration, quality and responsibility.The Group’s spearheading soul has a solid string through its corporate social obligation programs, which are an essential piece of the association. The Al Fahim Group continually tries to develop and manufacture its status as a noteworthy supporter of the financial improvement of the UAE as a rule.



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